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Employee Spotlight - Annan Wang

Curious to know more about Breaktime Media and our amazing team of talented individuals? Well, now you can! This month, we’re shining our Employee Spotlight on Annan Wang, our Front-End Developer.

June 06, 2023

Get to Know Annan Wang

Annan is responsible for creating new web experiences for our clients and users. He maintains the visual elements of our website and ensures the functionality of our platform for a more user-friendly product.

To learn more about Annan, read his interview below!

My favorite part about working with the dev team is...

That I can work with folks that are both smart and passionate about the work that we do.

The most unique part about my role at Breaktime Media is...

That I'm able to take part in a lot of other discussions regarding our product in addition to the front-end work that I do everyday.

A cool piece of software I think most people should know about is...

VS Code.

Something that might surprise people about me is...

That I can recite the full periodic table from memory.

If I had three wishes, they would be...

To have unlimited wishes.

The next place on my travel bucket list is..

The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

I love Breaktime Media because....

Breaktime has a wonderful work culture. Everyone is so supportive and understanding, which really motivates me to work harder and grow. When I partake in discussions regarding our product, I feel my voice is being heard and my opinions are valued.

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