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Why You Should Include Chance-to-Win Promotions in Your Shopper Marketing Strategy

Discover the power chance-to-win promotions can have in leveling up your shopper marketing strategy!

June 03, 2024

Why You Should Include Chance-to-Win Promotions in Your Shopper Marketing Strategy

In the quick-moving landscape of shopper marketing, strategies that capture consumer attention and drive engagement are a must. Chance-to-win promotions stand out as a powerful tool for brands seeking to create meaningful connections with their target audience. From fostering brand loyalty to generating excitement, these types of consumer promotions can offer a wide range of benefits to elevate your marketing efforts.

Let's jump into why integrating chance-to-win promotions into your shopper marketing strategy can be a true game-changer!

What are chance-to-win promotions?

Chance-to-win promotions are strategies that brands can use to create meaningful connections with customers by offering them valuable rewards. These are typically temporary campaigns, encouraging a sense of urgency in the shopper to prompt them to take action.

There are different types of chance-to-win promotions; your brand might consider taking advantage of enter-to-win sweepstakes, instant win, purchase-based entry, social challenges, or contests to accomplish your goals.

These strategies and tactics enable brands to promote their products and services while engaging with consumers and offering value, providing an appealing way for brands and shoppers to connect, while inspiring purchase.

Why should you use chance-to-win promotions in your campaign?

You should use chance-to-win promotions in your campaign if you’re looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement for both brands and consumers. By offering consumers an incentivized experience, brands can drive engagement with customers and offer them rewards, boosting brand awareness and loyalty.

For consumers, chance-to-win promotions present the enticing prospect of gaining something valuable simply by engaging with your brand. Whether it's entering a sweepstakes, participating in a contest, or completing a social challenge, consumers can enter with what they perceive as minimal effort for a high chance of rewards. On the brand side, chance-to-win promotions serve as a powerful catalyst for achieving various marketing objectives. They can significantly elevate brand awareness, drawing attention to products and services while generating buzz and excitement among consumers. Moreover, chance-to-win promotions foster a sense of reciprocity, strengthening the bond between the brand and its audience.

Overall, chance-to-win promotions are important because they can be a strong, effective way to develop loyalty, excitement and buzz among shoppers and consumers.

What are the potential benefits of running a chance-to-win promotion?

The benefits of chance-to-win promotions are wide-ranging, and may include:

Social Proof: When consumers see others engaging with and benefiting from the promotion, it serves as social proof, enhancing a brand's credibility and desirability.

Engagement: By offering an interactive and immersive experience, chance-to-win promotions foster deeper engagement with brands, driving lasting connections.

New Customer Acquisition or Customer Reengagement: These promotions attract new customers or reengage lapsed customers who are drawn to the possibility of winning prizes, expanding the brand's reach and customer base.

Brand Awareness: Through buzz-worthy promotions, brands can increase their visibility and reach, raising awareness among both existing and potential customers.

Brand Loyalty: By rewarding participation and fostering positive experiences, chance-to-win promotions cultivate brand loyalty and advocacy among consumers.

Quality UGC: User-generated content (UGC) generated through promotions provides authentic and relatable material that strengthens a brand's narrative and identity.

Increased Social Following: Promotions incentivize consumers to follow the brand on social media platforms, amplifying its online presence and influence.

Sales: Promotions drive sales by incentivizing purchase behavior and motivating consumers to buy products to participate in the promotion.

Buzz/Excitement: Generating anticipation and excitement around the promotion creates a buzz that keeps consumers engaged and invested in the brand.

Data Acquisition: Chance-to-win promotions provide valuable insights and data about consumer preferences, behaviors, and demographics, informing future marketing strategies.

The specific benefits your brand enjoys from a campaign will depend on which chance-to-win promotion tactic you employ. For more information on consumer promotions, check out Breaktime Media’s consumer promotions playbook here!

What are examples of chance-to-win promotion tactics?


An enter-to-win sweepstakes is an exciting opportunity to generate buzz around your brand or product while collecting valuable consumer data. By offering consumers the chance to win enticing prizes in exchange for completing a simple form, brands can effectively drive engagement and foster brand loyalty. When executed thoughtfully, enter-to-win sweepstakes can significantly enhance brand awareness, encourage repeat engagement, and attract new customers.

Instant Win:

Instant win promotions are ideal for brands seeking to increase engagement and inspire trial for new product launches. With instant gratification and the potential for immediate rewards, these promotions drive up the number of entries and provide consumers with an enjoyable experience. By incorporating elements like prize wheels and instant rewards, brands can effectively capture consumer interest and elevate brand awareness while collecting valuable zero-party data.

Purchase-Based Entry:

Purchase-based entry promotions are a powerful tool for inspiring trial and driving sales. By requiring consumers to make a purchase to enter, brands incentivize product purchases and encourage repeat engagement. Whether utilizing a buy/get model or an enter-to-win receipt upload model, brands can effectively reward consumers for their purchases while gaining valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

Social Challenges:

By leveraging social media platforms and encouraging actions like following accounts, posting with specific hashtags, or tagging friends, brands can organically promote their brand and foster meaningful interactions with their audience through social challenges. Social challenges generate user-generated content, increase social following, and facilitate direct communication between brands and consumers, driving brand awareness and engagement.


Contests empower consumers to become extended members of your content team, fostering creativity and authenticity in brand storytelling. By soliciting user-generated content (UGC) and incentivizing participation with valuable rewards, brands can generate compelling content while gaining insights into consumer preferences and behaviors.

Chance-to-win promotions in shopper marketing with Breaktime Media

Chance-to-win promotions have the potential to bring huge rewards for your brand, but only with the right planning. Let our team at Breaktime Media work out the logistics so you can focus on making shoppers happy. Breaktime Media specializes in crafting innovative shopper marketing solutions, including compelling chance-to-win promotions. With our expertise and dedication, we help brands create unforgettable experiences that resonate with shoppers and drive measurable results. To learn more about running a chance-to-win promotion with Breaktime Media, contact us here!